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www.americaninhomecare.comFor people who have enjoyed an active life including family, work and travel, it is especially difficult to confront the need for assistance. Seldom do we enthusiastically admit that we are no longer able to function independently and may need in-home or personal care assistance. These are delicate issues, and attempting to discuss them with loved ones, even by adult children can be an emotional challenge. Often these conversations lead to frustration, resistance and confrontation despite the compelling evidence that care in the home is needed.

Often it is only after a crisis, such as a fall or hospitalization that the need for assistance can no longer be ignored. Unfortunately a transition to in-home care in this environment can be rushed and chaotic, creating turmoil for everyone involved.  Fortunately a better, more collaborative, and successful outcome can be obtained through observation and consultation.

When …

  • You are concerned about a family member being home alone
  • Your aging parents prefer to age in place rather than a nursing home or assisted living facility
  • You need help providing care for your aging loved one

If …

  • Your loved one is living at home but having difficulty with managing normal daily activities
  • You think a loved one is unsafe due to memory, physical, or medical conditions
  • There is a concern about the risk of falls, proper and regular use of the right medications, and nutrition
  • You or someone else has noticed a change in your senior or elderly loved ones appearance or hygiene

We can help…

If you, or an elderly family member have reached that time in life where you need a little extra care, but you still want to live at home, and not in an institution, nursing home, or assisted living facility, we can help.

We present live-in and hourly companions and caregivers for your approval that have been credentialed, verified, screened, and insured, to make living at home possible.

We offer a complimentary consultation and in home assessment with local, knowledgeable American In-Home Care professionals to help you better understand what options may be best for your situation.

To request care or consultation with a representative please call us at 1-844-505-0004 or complete this form. Your local American In-Home Care, Client Care Advisor will respond promptly.

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